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Understanding the demand of non-contact glue dispenser from

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Non-contact dispensing dispensing equipment is a high performance intelligent valve, through the spray treatment to glue a spray and evenly coated on the bonding surface, whether it is used in bonding work or work package has a very good effect, the high demand for production using non-contact dispensing can meet the manufacturing industry.
In recent years, small jewelry industry market trend upward trend, the majority of small jewelry production need glue adhesive work, in addition to glue coating to meet in large area but also ensure that the viscosity can not be too high, so it needs to be applied to the non-contact dispensing machine, according to the demand of jet type automatic dispensing machine manufacturers to improve through technology the viscosity of the glue has been used to control more accurate, gift production will not affect the appearance of the jewelry industry, help in creating benefits of higher productivity.
In the electronic field production, involved in the application of non-contact dispensing machine can strengthen PCB board work, through a large area of glue coating to protect the chip package, a dustproof and dampproof performance in the long time work, and can be firmly fixed in the electronic components on the PCB board, the signal transmission effect fast and efficient, through non-contact dispensing the practicability of PCB plate greatly improved.
The production line equipment to meet the needs of low material consumption and high quality, high efficiency and so on, through the use of non-contact dispensing functions to do the above requirements, simple operation interface to help the operator can adjust the parameters, effectively reducing the cost of human needs, will glue a spray can improve the use rate of glue the transformation, and can satisfy the high consistency requirement of production lines.