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What are the advantages of using a customized automatic glue

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In practical applications, the standard dispensing equipment occupy the main component market, and customized non-standard equipment is mainly aimed at the unique manufacturing industry needs, this kind of dispensing equipment and standard dispensing machine compared with advantages and disadvantages, customized dispensing targeted advantage will help manufacturers demand more complete dispensing work.
Multi axis jet dispensing machine belongs to a non-standard customized dispensing machine, the dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine different jet dispensing machine has only three axis XYZ range of spray work in general, and the jet dispensing machine adopts multi axis linkage spray glue, can be applied to more the irregular thin glue filling, and has a very high glue schedule, minimum quantity of cement reached 0.01ML, in the production process of micro electronic products need the high flexibility of the glue filling equipment, so the on-line jet dispensing machine in the industry for custom has higher work advantage.
Dispensing equipment customization than the general standard of dispensing confidential high in price, that is because the dispensing equipment customization requires a lot of manpower and resources consumption, of course, more in line with the customized dispensing function needs of industry users, dispensing work more efficient and quality. Because the custom glue equipment is designed in a certain way, the scope of its application may be limited.
In fact, the advantages of customizing dispensing equipment are more advantages than disadvantages. Targeted industry design can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of dispensing, and meet the specific dispensing needs of industry practitioners.