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Can the manufacturing level of the domestic glue dispenser m

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Speaking of domestic dispensing equipment manufacturing industry, the introduction of domestic technology is relatively late, but with the rapid development of the industry in recent years, the current domestic dispensing machine has been widely applied to all walks of life in the dispensing operation. Although the production of domestic dispenser started relatively late, but in recent years there is a lot of well-known brands such as dispensing machine. In the business jet manufacturers: automatic dispensing machine, with the manufacturers of the production technology improvement, also put forward a lot of new production equipment. Such as: Online jet dispensing machine customization production mode.
Although the online jet dispensing machine production technology in recent years has made great breakthroughs, but if it is compared with foreign advanced level, there are still some gaps, such as in the measurement and control technology of glue are not compared with foreign countries. Because of the high-end dispensing equipment in China of foreign advanced level there is a high dependence, so the domestic dispensing equipment whether in price, performance or competitiveness are far less than foreign dispensing machine.
The domestic production technology of injection type automatic dispensing machine is initially began to imitate foreign technology, then according to the market needs to determine the different dispensing production models, so the lack of new products in the independent innovation; domestic dispensing machine has high energy consumption and other weaknesses, but foreign contrary do better in energy saving, and the dispensing efficiency more quickly.
Although the domestic and foreign dispensing machine there is still not a small gap, but in recent years the domestic online jet dispenser or development of the industry has achieved rapid development, no matter in liquid or automation control technology has made breakthrough progress, in fact, the domestic manufacturers point glue machine manufacturing level and the gap between the level of foreign countries in the contract