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What is the place to pay attention to in the production of t

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Although the dispensing process required for the production of mobile phone chips or tempered film not demanding, but also cannot careless treatment, but also to choose a suitable production dispensing machine, which can reduce the number of dispensing production problem, there are some places that need special attention, reduce dispensing problems in production, is to improve the quality and speed of production the use of automatic dispensing machine, ensure the enterprise profit guarantee.
Automatic dispensing machine using tempered film production problems, tempered film automatic glue dispensing mode is contact dispensing, dispensing needles from tempered film distance is very close, careless operation will be very easy to touch the tempered film, and tempered film is very focused on the appearance, not to scratch a bit, so the use of tempered film automatic dispensing machine needs to control the dispensing distance, to prevent accidents.
In addition to distance, a part of cleaning tempered film automatic dispensing machine is very important, every day after work is completed, a local cleaning work for automatic dispensing machine is very important, not only can leave today production glue cleaned to prevent clogging, but also can reduce the influence of the legacy of the glue to the new glue quality, because the glue storage is required, so in the specified environment will likely change, can lead to the dispensing, cleaning tempered film automatic dispensing machine is the important part of.
The pressure volume of steel automatic dispensing machine is used to note dispensing experiment pressure range is generally between 0.7MPa~9.9MPa, the pressure can not be higher than the normal pressure range, the best instrument uses a control pressure, the pressure control in a stable range, it will not cause serious influence on the toughened film automatic dispensing machine.