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Production of toughened film by automatic glue dispenser can

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As in recent years to enter the smart mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone different types appear on the market, to promote the smart mobile phone product market at the same time, also indirectly promoted the part of the market efficiency of the intelligent mobile phone parts, tempered film is one of them, as the intelligent mobile phone screen protection tool, with intelligent mobile phone applications continue broaden the demand tempered film is rapidly growing.
The traditional film production is tempered by manual work, so the operation is more complicated, and the production quality and production efficiency are not many, the most critical is the cost of production is relatively high, such products in the market is not competitive with China in recent years. Many enterprises are faced with the difficult problem of recruitment that underscores the drawbacks of manual operation, so the backward toughened film production manual operation requires a device to replace the traditional steel membrane. So automatic dispensing machine will be published.
Well tempered film automatic dispensing machine to enhance the work efficiency is really? Yes, the dispensing equipment operation more simple, but no matter in the dispensing efficiency or in dispensing quality or dispensing efficiency are manual incomparable. And how much the amount of glue can be precisely controlled. The dispensing accuracy is more accurate, because the production technology is more sophisticated, so in the production process of the loss of raw materials is more and more low, reduce the production cost at the same time also highlighted this equipment advantage for the enterprise production.
With the increasing demand of the toughened film products, the toughening film automatic dispensing machine will also be more widely used.