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What kind of glue need to be paid attention to in the mobile

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Each dispenser can be used in what industry, with dispensing technology has a significant relationship, for example: dispensing performance of large-scale automatic dispensing machine is good, can the application of industry will be more and more, one of the industries in the application of the mobile phone industry is mainly large dispensing machine, which has a large automatic dispensing machine dispensing technology for mobile phone? What kind of glue problem can be solved for the mobile phone industry, and what kind of glue problem should be paid attention to by the use of automatic glue dispenser in the mobile phone industry.
Large automatic dispensing machine can be used in the mobile phone industry dispensing technology dispensing HD camera function, can detect the product is qualified, and then automatically dispensing, but also has good adhesive control technology, which can prevent the dispensing process out of the question, the use of computer systems in addition to receiving pictures, there is adjusted according to the feedback of mechanical arm the information, which is the function of large scale automatic dispensing automatic dispensing machine.
The use of automatic dispensing machine is a large industry believe the ability of dispensing machine, of course, large dispensing technology certainly no problem, but in the process of operation requires dispensing dispensing technology better, so as not to cause dispensing problems, so some problems need to understand clearly, lest the problem will not engage in.
No large-scale automatic dispensing machine appears dispensing problem, in the work process, mechanical arm automatic shift problem, do not need to be adjusted, large automatic dispensing chance automatic adjustment, and in the process, are not familiar with automatic dispensing machine, do not need to be adjusted, each parameter is very important, if not small changes in the parameters what will the dispensing position change, so there will be a dispensing problem, these are the use of large automatic dispensing machine need to pay attention to the problem.