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How is the adhesive performance of a large automatic glue di

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Large automatic dispensing machine is simply a large dispensing machine, which is large and can be dispensed with a lot of dispensing accessories, so that many dispensing techniques can be used. The large automatic dispensing machine has both advantages and disadvantages. The effect applied to the dispensing industry is very good, but the price of this dispensing machine will be more expensive. Many companies will not choose to use it, but the technology of large automatic dispensing machine is really good.
The market has many different types of dispensing machines, large and small, love desktop dispensing machine most of the market, because the price is relatively cheap way, so many companies will choose such a dispensing machine, but large automatic dispensing machine dispensing machine also has a large advantage, dispensing industry, a lot of desktop the dispensing machine can not be completed for example: mobile phone shell with large automatic dispensing machine production, which can meet the requirements of mobile phone shell dispensing.
What a large automatic dispensing machine with which ordinary dispensing machine does not have the function of the first kind of automatic positioning, second vision shooting, third accurate control adhesive, fourth kinds of automatic cleaning, these are the desktop automatic dispensing machine does not function, for the application of industry will have a very good help, for example: dispensing mobile phone shell. For the accuracy of the very strict requirements, offset will appear a bit precision dispensing products operating in this industry is bad, the best use of large-scale automatic dispensing machine operation, and large automatic dispensing machine prices may be more expensive, but can be used longer.
Large automatic glue dispenser mobile phone shell glue technology, is a large number of enterprises affirmed, at present little glue machine can be used in this industry to spot glue.