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How to prevent the product from being scratched by a large g

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Large dispensing microelectronics industry dispensing, some places need special attention, such as: glue effect need to pay attention, each dispensing process is very important, a little tendency will lead to product problems, which is why we need to use large dispensing machine, the dispenser dispensing effect is very good, a lot of problems can solve the desktop, automatic dispensing machine is incomparable equipment.
The dispensing machine on the market at present the use of screw type dispensing valve are the basic contact methods, although the use of contact methods, but the effect of dispensing with the non-contact dispensing machine with a little difference, large dispenser installed visual system, can make the product dispensing distance a few milli meters, began dispensing, so not to create scratches, dispensing effect will not be affected, can quickly solve the disadvantages of contact methods.
The use of visual system can also help determine whether or not the product defects or glue unqualified, using a vision system to enhance the effect of dispensing, whether large automatic dispensing machine which industry can enjoy such technology, the main reason is the large dispenser is expensive, too many top equipment collocation, dispensing effect will be better.
How to install visual inspection system or install height detection equipment, set a certain height, where to start dispensing, so it's OK. The dispensing machine comes with a dispensing function, is the Z axis function, the dispensing equipment in large height parameters, dispensing operation stop running in the forward position will be predetermined by the above two ways without the use of visual effect of the system is convenient, need to have a certain technology, it can operate.