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Maintenance and cleaning after the use of automatic glue dis

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After every one hundred thousand desktop automatic dispensing machine is used, cleaning or maintenance of dispensing machine should be carried out. It can extend the service life of dispensing machine and ensure smooth use next time. However, when cleaning, some workers are mistaken in cleaning or maintaining, thereby weakening the service life of desktop automatic dispensing machine, and prone to malfunction when using, affecting the dispensing. So how should we clean or maintain the glue dispenser to avoid the problem of the desktop automatic glue dispenser?
When cleaning desktop automatic dispensing, it is better to pull out the power of dispenser, then disassemble the dispensing needle, dispensing valve, dispensing syringe and pressure pail and so on. When these accessories are taken off, you can use oily cotton cloth to scrub the surface of the table, so as to avoid the phenomenon of dropping out of the glue dispenser. Butter, oil, oil and so on in the regular part of activity, easy to glue.
After cleaning the dispensing machine, we need to clean the dispensing needle, syringe or dispensing valve. If the dispensing needle and needle cylinder are made of plastic material, they can be replaced again. If the needle or syringe is metal material, it can be cleaned directly. Before cleaning, it is necessary to check the glue in the dispensing needle and the syringe or the dispensing valve. It is caused by solidification. If there is a solidification phenomenon, it can use the heater to melt the glue and do the cleaning work.
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