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The core technology of the application of FPC board for auto

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Desktop automatic dispensing machine can be applied to an industry, must have the corresponding technical support can be done, then automatic dispensing machine what technology to use in the FPC board, these techniques which have different place with other dispensing machine, will select the desktop application of FPC board glue dispensing machine.
Firstly, a desktop type dispensing technology automatic dispensing machine can use, respectively, linear dispensing, dispensing, dispensing, curve precision control of trace adhesive control technology, which can use the technology of linear FPC plate more twists and turns, use other dispenser for dispensing is slower than some, the application of desktop dispenser is right in this industry, performance is very consistent, with the effect of dispensing is good.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine with ordinary dispensing differences, is the former glue dispensing valve will fine, and the dispensing needle use different dispensing valve desktop dispensing machine use, control glue is delicate, so that it can meet the industry demand, ordinary glue dispensing machine is thick, so you can not achieve the dispensing requirements, each dispenser has some unique features.
In addition to the glue, desktop type automatic dispensing machine capable of FPC plate dispensing the most important place is the performance, performance mode, mode, glue dispensing dispensing speed, the rate of finished products, these are the desktop automatic dispensing machine in FPC core plate dispensing technology, without which no complete dispensing task, the details of the decision the success of the product, especially for the glue particularly demanding industries, as long as there will be a little problem affect the overall effect of dispensing, basically equal to the product have been scrapped, these are also the desktop glue dispensing parameters.