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How to get into the air in the dispensing valve of the autom

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Although in recent years the dispensing production technology continues to improve, but no matter how advanced equipment, are unavoidable in the use of some of the problems encountered, automatic dispensing machine is no exception, we will meet the air into the dispensing valve automatic dispensing machine in automatic dispensing machine in the process of operation, if encountered such problems need how to solve it? Here for technicians to give you the user to introduce automatic dispensing machine air dispensing valve solution?
First, check the hose over whether the effective period of use; second: if you encounter such a situation in the production process, can be dispensing valve and automatic dispensing pump to clean, and according to the relevant procedures to complete the operation; third: timely dispensing closed, and open the valve, remove the cooling jacket; fourth: then the pressure head down; fifth: the next step is to remove the hose, to see if the pipe fittings are still above the dispensing valve when dismantling the hose, the premise is the pipe fittings.
Sixth: remember that we must not pay attention to bubbles. Seventh: when the hose is unloaded, there will be a little cavity when the dispensing valve is locked at the bottom of the adapter. If there is the case, can be used to hose being colloid to caulk the cavity, and check whether there is a bubble, if there is enough gas, will use the new hose filling bubbles, and then stick to eliminate bubbles, whether, if there are bubbles exist, consider a new glue.
This is the solution to the dispensing valve of automatic dispensing machine after entering the air. As long as we follow these steps, we can solve this kind of problem completely by debugging one by one.