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Common problem solving method for the use of glue valve in a

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No matter how sophisticated machines, when there are problems, problems occurred in the process of using the machine is relatively common, when through some methods to avoid or reduce the occurrence of this kind of problem. So is the automatic dispensing machine, in the work process, will inevitably encounter some problems, and therefore affect the dispensing there is no effect. So what measures can reduce the dispensing valve automatic dispensing machine the occurrence of problems in the process of using the solution?
1, there are bubbles in glue. If too much glue pressure and short opening time are added, it is possible to infiltrate the air into the liquid. The solution is to reduce the glue pressure and use the tapered inclined needle.
2, the flow rate is too slow: if the flow rate is too slow, the pipeline should be changed from 1/4 to 3/8, and the pipeline should be shorter and better if there is no need.
3, automatic dispensing machine epoxy resin cleaning: as far as possible, as far as possible, each of the general toluene solvent storage pressure cylinder automatically cleaned once, the more frequent cleaning, the better.
4, UV (ultraviolet curing glue): make sure to use the black line, do not add directly to the old cylinder pressure UV UV, the original UV release, then poured into the empty barrel pressure UV glue, pressure tube UV often after a period of time, will produce bubbles caused by plastic instability.
5, the needle of the automatic dispensing machine: Generally speaking, the air problem is smaller than that of the 20 small needle, which may cause the air problem -- drip or vertical flow. Try to use larger size general metal needle or conical oblique needle to avoid using the winding needle.
The above are the problems that often appear in the process of dispensing valve in automatic dispensing machine and some simple solutions. In practice, as long as the above methods are applied to production, they will avoid too many problems and affect the production failure.