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How to set the dispensing parameters of a desktop automatic

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Dispensing equipment relatively high-end desktop automatic dispensing machine is also in the market, most of the industries are using the glue dispensing equipment, small size, high performance, low price is consistent with the concept of enterprise development, the use of desktop type automatic dispensing machine also need to clearly understand the dispensing parameters, the parameters of the equipment is very the effect of dispensing to see what is the set of parameters.
The parameters of the equipment are divided into two types, because the desktop automatic dispensing machine has two kinds, one is to use a hand-held controller, the other is MITSUBISHI MCU control, FPC is in the dispensing hand-held controller automatic dispensing machine, mainly to the dispenser to explain, using hand-held dispenser control parameter setting is very easy, but this desktop type automatic dispensing machine is the collocation controller, which is to be set up.
Start the desktop automatic dispensing machine, the need for dispensing product fixed in the dispensing table, and then pick up the controller, control the dispensing machine alignment to the dispensing position, you can set the first dispensing position, the mechanical arm is moved to the second point, then a move, the best move to start point. Then select the closed, so it can automatically start dispensing dispensing, such rectangular dispensing mode.
The round or circular arc dispensing is different from the rectangle dispensing. The dot circle mode is needed for the dispensing arc, then the glue is dispensed according to the above way, and the hand-held dispensing way is simpler than that. SCM mode dispensing, is programming, the required program is compiled, after testing, you can do glue dispensing, this way is more difficult.