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Tabletop automatic glue dispenser FPC board glue

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Desktop automatic dispensing machine has good performance in the dispensing process, has good function and control precision dispensing glue, glue requirements, desktop type automatic dispensing machine can meet the use of this industry, because the dispensing machine are used in the electronics industry, so many are based on electronic dispensing technology for dispensing requirements, and the corresponding dispensing accessories.
The FPC board is also called the flexible circuit board, no device with difference between the electronic board is the board, this is a piece of circuit board is the most simple, but they need more high precision dispensing, each line is very small, the lack of precision dispensing machine cannot in the industry for dispensing, desktop automatic dispensing the machine used screw type dispensing valve end and special Teflon needle have such precision.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine using a hand-held control and precision micro controller, dispensing path setting dispenser hand-held controller, which need to be set up according to the dispensing position, precision micro controller is the control quantity of cement and air pressure, the need of glue FPC dispensing control in demand, two kinds of equipment is capable of dispensing with the process of desktop automatic dispensing machine, that can satisfy the demands of products dispensing.
Each dispenser has technology with accessories have a great relationship, according to the different needs of each industry, choose a fitting or dispensing dispensing mode, need to study these things thoroughly, and then dispensing in different industries operation dispensing effect will be much better, using a desktop type automatic the dispensing machine is the same as in the FPC board dispensing reason why desktop dispenser can have such a good technology, cannot do without the use of dispensing accessories.