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Problems in the use of a desktop automatic glue dispenser on

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Fpc plate dispensing technology demand is relatively high, because the circuit board is now used for dispensing small needles, controlled adhesive to a certain technology, not to leak adhesive and wire drawing, small dispensing needle is easy to form the dispensing valve back pressure, resulting in dispensing problems, using the controller needs to be high-end the equipment, general equipment in the control of air pressure and suction glue details can achieve the desired effect.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine, which is nothing more than a few samples, such as drawing, Z axis running deviation, jam and leakage, which is a common problem, as long as the operation and not operate in accordance with the requirements of the dispensing machine, dispensing problems will arise, in strict dispensing environment. Need to use the dispensing technology better, dispensing problems will seriously affect the appearance of the dispensing operation.
Reduce dispensing problems need to get everything ready, not holding a heart, the production is a very serious thing, with the choice of dispensing machine is the same, to choose the appropriate dispensing machine, what the production will be relatively smooth, the quality of the products have good desktop type automatic dispensing machine problem usually because the operation problems occur, conscientiously do a good job in every detail, the common problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.
For the time of production, whether it is a desktop type automatic dispensing machine, or other types of dispensing machines, all need to pay attention to the dispensing problem, high-end equipment problems may be less, will still have problems, especially in the FPC dispensing equipment should have strict dispensing, it does not appear above wrote the problem.