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What are the advantages of using a desktop dispenser in the

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The loudspeaker, optical fiber, integrated circuit, telephone parts, cell phone buttons and other products in the communication industry need to use dispensing technology. The glue types used in these products are different, and the requirements for dispensing and dispensing are also different. If you use the manual dispensing work, not only needs a lot of manual operation, leakage, etc. epoxy glue phenomenon affects the product quality is easy to appear in the dispensing process, the use of traditional dispensing in some industries that require high in manual dispensing difficult to achieve, so the dispensing work in the product when more will use the desktop dispenser instead of manual work. So what are the benefits of a tabletop glue dispenser?
Desktop glue machine can also be called the desktop glue machine, it is one kind of the kind of glue dispenser. The desktop dispenser is made up of control system, dispensing valve, worktable, controller and so on. The control system is the core part, and the desktop dispenser can do dispensing according to the use control. In order to operate conveniently, the glue is equipped with a controller, and the parameters of the glue can be manually adjusted after the power is opened.
Some of the tabletop glue machine is equipped with two glue valves and guideway. It can be used to spot glue at the same time, and the speed of the glue is fast. Moreover, the operation of the desktop automatic dispensing machine is relatively simple. Although a dispenser needs a staff to replace the product operation, the dispensing efficiency of a dispenser is several times higher than that of the manual dispensing, and the desktop automatic dispensing efficiency is high.
When using the desktop automatic dispensing machine for dispensing, it is necessary to debug the distance and location between the product and the dispensing needle, so as to avoid the location or distance too close or too far, affecting the accuracy and accuracy of dispensing.