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Statistical analysis of packaging machinery demand of domest

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In 2016 the domestic economic fluctuations form the overall domestic economy is steady development, through the transformation of various industrial market sales growth is good, the technology industry in China through continuous improvement and innovation in the import and export ratio has declined, reflecting the current domestic technology level is relatively high, have to realize independent innovation stage.
Full automatic dispensing machine
To the status of automatic dispensing machine market ups and downs in 16 years, in the early stage of reform and opening up with the introduction of advanced western technology, China's relevant industries lifeline once by foreign enterprises control, this is in a disadvantageous position in a country, since the whole point glue technology into China advanced after directly out of the traditional manual dispensing work at home, once caused concern and discuss, automatic dispensing mode in terms of advantage or practical aspects are beyond the traditional manual dispensing of a large portion of.
Fully automatic encapsulation dispenser
Automatic dispensing machine is widely used in western developed countries or in developing countries in Asia, through the automatic working mode can help manufacturers save a lot of labor costs, and the utilization rate of material plays a very prominent effect, do low supplies high quality glue production, automatic dispensing robot arm using multi axis the linkage mode, can perform various flexible dispensing work mode, whether it is at the bottom of the slit surface of dispensing dispensing rules or irregular can run freely.
The powerful function of automatic dispensing machine to create value in the market position, according to statistics of automatic dispensing demand and sales on other types of dispensing machine, fully reflects the applicability of automatic dispensing machine wide and powerful.
Double station fully automatic dispensing machine