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Application of badge coating for large spray automatic glue

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The badge is an important symbol of a representation of identity, many aspects in real life to be applied in the production of badges, badges of the need to apply to the dispensing process, in order to enhance the badge effect and value in use, in order to enhance the production efficiency and quality of the badge, do not take the contact type and non-contact dispensing dispensing process an application, so that large jet type automatic dispensing machine.
Large jet type automatic dispensing machine is an automatic jet dispensing machine, most of the badges made from metal and small structure, the needle may scratch the surface of the badge contact methods, so the non essential application of contact dispensing technology, large jet automatic glue machine working platform, can accommodate more products at the same time the glue dispensing, spray treatment through the spray valve, so it will not scratch the surface of the product, and fundamentally eliminate the problem of drawing such as glue, automatic dispensing mode makes the work to meet the needs of users.
Large jet type automatic dispensing machine support array programming glue, the badge dispensing quality approaching the same, so that the quality of the products get promoted, automatic dispensing work reduces the manpower demand, the operator is only responsible for the loading and unloading of equipment maintenance and normal use can reduce dispensing bad product yield.
The use of non-contact dispensing without a Z axis, to a certain extent to enhance the efficiency of automatic dispensing, dispensing mode of operation is more simple, uniform coating effect does not appear to execute badges overflow and other adverse factors, the glue conversion effect of ascension makes the use of supplies more comprehensive results, while saving dispensing supplies most of the.