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Can the jet type visual dispenser speed up the glue speed?

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High speed jet type visual glue machine is a large glue equipment, the glue function is complete. Can the glue speed be quick with this kind of glue machine? Actually is the jet type automatic dispensing machine is one of the best domestic dispensing equipment, no one, regardless of speed or dispensing, dispensing quality is fame vanguard, can improve the speed of dispensing. It is inevitable.
Why do you think that can improve the effect of dispensing, first look at automatic dispensing machine using jet dispensing accessories, respectively, PC and motion control card, stepper motor and electric drive cylinder, injection valve, liquid crystal panel and manual controller, ball screw, Germany first high-definition camera accessories, there are a large number of market, in addition to large dispensing machine, not a dispenser with such accessories, the dispensing technology is determined according to the number of parts used.
High speed jet type automatic dispensing machine using lots of accessories, you can use what technology, the first non-contact dispensing mode, second quick dispensing mode, dispensing mode third quality, these are the use of a large number of accessories have dispensing technology, according to the different parameters of the glue dispensing accuracy adjustment, this is the use of computer have the function of high speed jet dispensing technology, glue dispensing machine vision is very good.
The use of dispensing machine is also a knowledge, seemingly simple dispensing work, but it needs to be selected through layers, so that we can meet the requirements of dispensing, so that we can choose a suitable dispensing equipment. Of course, it is faster for manufacturers to recommend dispensers. The manufacturer is very familiar with the glue dispenser, which can reduce the trouble of selecting the high speed jet type visual dispenser.