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The use of a jet visual glue dispenser in a circuit board ha

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Printed circuit boards, also known as printed circuit boards, play an important role in the electronics industry, such as stabilizing parts and connecting circuits. They are often used in the electronics industry. When fastening parts, the circuit board will use the dispensing technology. In order to improve the production efficiency, we will use the spray type visual dispensing machine to replace the manual dispensing while doing the dispensing work. So what are the advantages of using a jet visual glue dispenser in a circuit board?
The jet type visual glue dispenser adopts the non contact glue dispenser method, and the injection speed of the injection valve is faster in the dispenser. And jet dispensing machine is based on visual control of the dispensing work, can achieve X, Y, Z direction for dispensing, dispensing faster, use a jet dispensing function to accelerate the speed of visual dispensing in the circuit board, but also can ensure the production efficiency, dispensing with high efficiency.
There are many kinds of dispensing machines because of the relatively large number of industries in the spray poetry dispenser. Users can choose according to the dispensing requirements when purchasing, so as to facilitate dispensing. Moreover, the operation of the jet dispensing machine is relatively simple. Although a dispenser needs an employee to operate, the dispensing efficiency of a dispenser is several times higher than the staff dispensing efficiency. Before using the spray type visual dispensing machine for dispensing, it is best to choose the suitable size of dispensing needles according to the glue properties and dispensing requirements, so as to avoid the improper glue and affect the dispensing work.
In addition, the visual system of the spray type visual dispensing machine is equipped with visual system. In the dispensing process, the operator can see the dispensing condition, and when the dispensing work is affected, it is easy to solve.