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Problems in the use of three axis automatic glue dispenser f

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The chip use is wide, can play an important role in various industries, is the core part of the motherboard, the chip will be used in the assembly to use glue dispensing technology, the solid chip is fixed on the motherboard, enhance the stability of the. In dispensing work, if using the traditional artificial dispensing work, not only requires a lot of staff, glue, glue dispensing work leakage phenomenon easily appeared on chip for dispensing work.
In order to improve the quality of production, use of automatic dispensing chip industry dispensing, but the type of automatic dispensing more, for example: three axis automatic dispensing machine, high speed automatic dispensing machine, desktop type automatic dispensing machine, dispensing these types can be used in the chip industry. However, the three axis automatic dispensing machine is equipped with three axis dispensing valve or three guideways, which can improve the dispensing efficiency during dispensing. So when we use three axis automatic dispensing machine to do glue dispensing, we need to pay attention to those problems.
The three - axis automatic dispensing machine is equipped with three spot glue valves or three slideways, which can realize X, Y, Z and three directions. The chip is assembled on the main board, but in the main board, in addition to the need for bonding chips, it will stick to other parts. Therefore, when using the three axis automatic dispensing machine, we need to adjust the position and distance of dispensing needles and worktables, so as to avoid deviations in location or distance and affect the quality of products.
Before using the three axis dispensing machine, we need to select the suitable dispensing needle with the size of internal force according to the requirement of the chip for the glue output. If the dispensing needle is not suitable, the effect of the chip will be affected, and the qualification rate of the chip will be affected.