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What kind of glue equipment is good for glue

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The glue dispenser can also be called the glue machine, glue machine and so on. It can replace the manual glue operation in the spot glue work, and the speed of the glue is faster. However, there are many kinds of dispensing machines, such as desktop automatic dispensing machine, multi axis automatic dispensing machine, spray type visual dispensing machine, etc. different dispensing machines have different advantages. So what are the benefits of using these glue dispensers?
1. Desktop automatic glue dispenser
Desktop dispensing machine can also be called the desktop type of glue machine, the general model is relatively small, it is more convenient to place. Glue work can be done according to the control system when the glue is done, and the speed of the glue is faster. The desktop automatic dispensing machine has wide application scope. In the electronic parts, mobile phone parts, LED display, toy making industry, desktop automatic dispensing machine is available. The production efficiency of the products is improved by using the desktop dispensing machine in these industries.
2, multi axis automatic glue dispenser
The multi axis automatic glue dispenser is equipped with multiple glue valves, which can work at the same time, and the efficiency of the glue is high. Some multiaxial glue dispensers are equipped with mechanical arms, which can reduce labor productivity and improve the quality of glue. But before using the multi axis dispenser, it is better to check whether the quality of the glue is qualified. If there is any problem with glue, it is best to replace it in time, so as to avoid impurity plugging in the glue during the dispensing process, and the needle affects the dispensing work.
3. Jet type visual glue dispenser
Different from the above two kinds of glue dispensers, the jet type visual glue dispenser uses a non contact type of glue, and the speed of the glue is faster. The injection speed is accelerated by using the jetting visual dispenser in the coating, integrated circuit, main board and other products.