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Do you have a spot glue problem with the opportunity to use

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he jet type visual dispenser is one kind of the glue dispenser, which is based on the control system to make the glue work, and the speed of the glue is faster. The spray type glue dispenser has a wide range of application, and the jet type visual dispenser can be used in the integrated circuits, electronic parts, toy production and other products. Although the use of the jet like visual dispensing function in these industries speeds up dispensing, workers may easily encounter some problems when they operate the dispensing machine, thus affecting the dispensing work. What are the problems when using the jet vision dispenser?
1. Solidification of glue in the syringe needle
Because of the scope of application of jet dispensing machine vision is widely used in these industries, and the glue types are different, some glue solidification rate faster, such as instant adhesives, UV glue, use the glue dispensing work easier in the needle appears solidification phenomenon. Some of the rubber machine is provided with a heater, when the glue solidified in the needle can start the heater, the glue melting, no dispensing machine equipped with heater can stop dispensing, dispensing valve will take after the heating, avoid glue dispensing work blocking effect.
Two. There is a deviation from the glue.
When the power switch is opened, the staff can manually debug the glue parameters of the jet type visual glue dispenser. The purpose is to facilitate the dispensing work. But the staff are easy to debug errors when debugging the glue parameters, thus affecting the glue work. If there is a deviation in the position of the glue, it may be the error of the distance debugging between the pin and the worktable. When there is a deviation in the glue, we can try to adjust the distance to ensure the production efficiency.