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What should be paid attention to when using three - axis aut

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Three axis automatic dispensing machine can be used in electronic parts, cell phone buttons, toy making, LED and other products. In these products, three axis dispensing machine can replace manual work, dispensing speed is faster. The three axis automatic glue dispenser can draw lines, circles, arcs and irregular curves, which can meet the requirements of different industries. The operation of the three - axis automatic glue dispenser is simple, but it will affect the work of the glue when using some small details. So what do we need to pay attention to when we use a three - axis automatic glue dispenser?
1. Check the quality of the glue and the sealing of the glue pressure barrel. If the use of glue quality is not good, in the dispensing process because the glue dispensing needle in clogging impurities, may also make the dispensing glue volume is not uniform, will also have some impact on the quality of the product, so the use of the three axis automatic dispensing machine before checking the quality of glue is qualified, if the quality is not good again the replacement of glue; some glue placed in the pressure barrel, every time after the check whether there is glue barrel solidification phenomenon, if the glue solidification phenomenon can try to tighten the valve or replace the pressure barrel, less glue solidification appears.
Use 2, three axis dispensing machine widely, and each industry of dispensing glue volume requirements are different, so before making use of dispensing, dispensing needles need to choose suitable size requirements, avoid dispensing glue volume influence of unqualified dispensing work.
3, adjust the glue parameter according to the requirement of the glue. After the power is turned on, the staff can manually debug the controller. When debugging, it is necessary to adjust according to the dispensing requirements, so that the dispensing parameters can be debugged and the dispensing quality will be mistakenly affected.