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What is the advantage of using multi axis glue dispenser for

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The battery box is a device used in power transmission equipment, the battery placed in the battery for power transmission equipment for work, application of battery box to strengthen the use and protection effect of the power supply, multi axis automatic dispensing machine is mainly used for bonding in the production process of the battery box, strengthen battery box sealing and work performance, the application of multi axis automatic dispensing machine has the advantages of what in the production process of the battery box?
Multi axis automatic dispensing machine adopts Chinese teach box for path programming, the programming more simple and easy to use, support multiple path programming, high precision coating can point line and plane path, multi axis linkage function to strengthen the work of the dispensing scope of quasi uniform glue battery box by coating on the bonding surface, using array programming to enhance the efficiency of the battery box dispensing dispensing, dispensing accuracy and efficiency can be improved accordingly.
The battery box for dispensing accessories multi axis dispensing machine is different, because the battery box structure is small, need to use high precision dispensing accessories can be uniformly coated on the adhesive glue on the surface of the cylinder, equipped with double precision dispensing valve can improve the control effect of the glue, glue to avoid the poor effect and leakage control partial glue glue, suitable for a variety of fluid nature of the products such as coating, UV glue, epoxy resin, water-based adhesive fluid are applicable to erosion corrosion resistance of the battery box upgrade.
The multi axis automatic dispensing machine has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation, dispensing the battery box in various environments, using glue and dispensing effect, avoiding excessive waste, and reducing the defective product rate of the battery box dispensing link.