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Does the three - axis automatic glue dispenser have the func

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The three axis automatic dispensing machine is one of the automatic dispensing machines, which can achieve irregular points, lines, arcs and other irregular figures. It can replace manual labor for dispensing, and the dispensing efficiency is high. The scope of the three axis automatic dispensing machine is wide, can be used to three axis dispensing machine in electronic parts, mobile phone keys, speakers, LED and other products, these products have high requirement for dispensing, then three axis dispensing machine with precision dispensing in the dispensing process function?
Three axis automatic dispensing machine is composed of the control system, dispensing valve, controller, workbench, power switch, dispensing speed, the control system is the main part of the three axis automatic dispensing machine, dispensing machine according to control dispensing work, dispensing with high precision. In order to facilitate the operation of three axis dispensing machine equipped with the controller, the power supply can be opened, the staff can be manually operated dispensing controller debugging parameters, but need to debug debugging according to the parameters of dispensing dispensing requirements, avoid the error influence of parameter adjustment precision dispensing etc..
Although the three axis automatic dispensing machine with precision dispensing effect, but in the dispensing process because of influence of dispensing precision, some of the reasons such as: dispensing needles and three axis automatic dispensing machine in position or distance debugging error, if the location or distance debugging error in the dispensing process, easy to scratch the appearance of the product the dispensing needle, damaged, thus affecting the dispensing precision etc..
Besides the use in products, the application technology of three axis automatic dispensing machine can also be used, but when dispensing, it is necessary to choose the right size of dispensing inner diameter according to the dispensing requirements of the product, so that it is convenient to use.