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Encapsulation of black glue using multi axis glue machine

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There are many kinds of glue, such as black gum, red glue, instant dry glue, epoxy resin and so on. Although these glue's properties are different, they all have the function of bonding products. The black glue is made of OPP material, although the name is called black glue, but the color of black glue is generally white and transparent, and is widely used. Can also be used in chip packaging industry, adhesive glue will be used to dispensing technology, in order to improve the production efficiency and quality in dispensing, dispensing process will use multi axis dispensing machine instead of manual operation, then the chip on board package with multi axis dispensing machine what is good?
Chip encapsulation means that the shell made of metal and ceramics is glued outside the chip through the bonding property of glue, which can play a role of fixing, stabilizing and protecting the chip. And the adhesive effect of black glue is good. It will not drop. It can also increase the stability of products. Black gel also has certain resistance to temperature and solvent. When we use black gel to do chip dispensing, we can use multi axis automatic dispensing machine.
From the name, the multi - axis glue machine is equipped with multiple glue valves. It can be used at the same time in the process of glue. It can replace the employees' work. Moreover, the dispensing efficiency is high. The dispensing efficiency of a multi spindle automatic dispensing machine is several times higher than that of a staff dispensing. Compared with the traditional manual dispensing way, the multi axle dispensing function can be used for a long time. Because the chip packaging of the motherboard is less demanding for dispensing, so it is necessary to select the suitable size of dispensing needles according to the properties of black gum and dispensing requirements, so as to avoid glue dispensing and the quality of products. 多轴点胶机