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Where to choose the mobile TP automatic glue dispenser

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Mobile phone TP automatic dispensing machine is designed for touch screen frame for dispensing equipment, has a relatively good dispensing technology in this area, but the choice of a good mobile phone TP automatic dispensing machine is the need to find good manufacturers, manufacturers manufacturing technology determines the glue machine performance, Automation Co. Ltd. Shenzhen system (hereinafter referred to as "in the system") dispensing equipment production with dispensing technology is very good, can meet the requirements of the mobile phone TP dispensing.
Selection of manufacturers is also a very important task, because the quality of the relationship with the development and production of products, so manufacturers must meet the conditions of production, mobile phone TP automatic dispensing machine or production is unable to meet the mobile phone touch screen frame dispensing. Why do you choose the TP automatic glue dispenser for the manufacturer's mobile phone?
The first mobile phone TP automatic dispensing machine is a large automatic dispensing machine, and the system has many years of production experience in a large automatic dispensing machine, mobile phone for TP large dispensing machine also has a relatively rich experience in production, the equipment can meet the needs of mobile phone dispensing, dispensing accessories plus are used both at home and abroad outside the top technology, the use of mobile phone production TP automatic dispensing machine also has great benefits for enterprise development.
In the production of mobile phone TP automatic glue dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01mm, Z axis moving speed can reach 1500mm, capable of fast and large automatic dispensing, dispensing machine can be carried out on-line dispensing, dispensing process is accurate and rapid dispensing mode, mobile phone TP dispensing using large automatic dispensing machine is meet thedispensing demand. These are just a small part of the TP mobile phone automatic dispensing machine function, or a lot of dispensing technology can be used, can also be used to other industries dispensing task, realize one machine with multifunction.