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What type of glue dispenser is used by the camera

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Camera module dispensing is not an easy thing, need to use the super high-end dispensing equipment, use what dispensing machine can meet the requirements of the camera system developed automatic dispensing, a camera module dispensing device, called the camera module dispensing machine, also known as desktop visual automatic dispensing machine, the dispensing machine can meet the camera dispensing.
The camera module is four main parts, plus a few simple structure, assembly module, camera module requires the use of glue dispensing can be combined, the camera area is not present, the precision requirements of the gel point is very high, you must use the visual positioning system, can meet the demand to the dispensing can not use eye positioning, dispensing machine.
The camera module is a dispenser performance of high-end equipment, such as: screw type dispensing valve, German vision positioning system, Japan MITSUBISHI MCU, system of independent research and development of controller and so on, have a great relationship with the use of precision dispensing accessories, mainly because no method for high precision dispensing dispensing machine generally is not high accessories.
What kind of automatic dispensing machine is used in industries? It's not right for the production of products. Why are there various dispensing equipment in the market, and the camera dispensing only uses the camera module dispensing machine? That's the main reason.
Each industry has its own characteristics. The dispensing machine will also be different. According to the needs of the industry, it is the most correct way to decide what kind of dispensing machine to use. This is the most correct way to use the camera module dispensing.