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What kind of automatic glue dispenser is the camera module g

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Automatic dispensing machine has developed various types of equipment, camera module dispensing machine is one of them, according to the needs of the industry research and development equipment, the dispensing valve is used in the camera module dispensing, has a relatively high achievement in this industry for dispensing, dispensing special requirements can be satisfied, dispensing machine is a camera module what kind of money dispensing equipment.
Camera module dispensing machine belongs to a visual automatic dispensing machine, the configuration of the positioning device and visual device, the only way to satisfy the requirements of high precision camera dispensing, now the electronic product dispensing position is very small, some can not make direct eye observation, need to use machine vision magnification vision equipment used in camera module the dispensing machine.
Have dispensing machine vision equipment is a high precision dispensing machine, camera module automatic dispensing machine is a high precision dispensing equipment, can meet the requirements of dispensing camera can also detect whether the product is qualified, in addition to these aspects, there are other good places, such as: speed, stability, glue diversity and so on, camera module dispensing machine is a fully automatic dispensing machine performance.
Automatic dispensing machine in large machines, there is little dispenser so comprehensive, generally high precision dispensing using large automatic dispensing machine, for convenience only in the camera module dispensing, camera module to develop desktop dispensing, dispensing has good function, can also meet other industries to glue, as long as not more than precision or glue dispensing task, other tasks can use camera module dispensing machine.