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Desktop visual automatic dot glue machine point camera modul

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Desktop visual automatic dispensing machine is one of the few to the camera module dispensing equipment to be used in these industries is in need of a dispensing dispensing technology with high precision, the use of general dispensing technology is unable to meet the camera module for dispensing, dispensing dispensing module in addition to very low, only dispenser used low-end desktop. Vision automatic dispensing machine control for precision control and glue are very good.
Camera module for glue dispensing accuracy requirements, can use desktop visual automatic dispensing machine vision system to meet, is to improve the accuracy of dispensing machine accessories, can help the dispensing position, the error is not more than + 0.002mm, in the case of high speed dispensing, dispensing accuracy is still not reduced, it is combined with the use of the configuration of all the desktop visual automatic dispensing machine requires the use of a large number of high-end accessories to camera module dispensing.
In order to spot glue in an industry, you need to think of a desktop visual automatic dispenser, which can meet the industry's demand for glue. It is also the same to choose a simple job. The good dispensing machine can get twice the result with half the effort for the industry. Desktop automatic dispensing machine is a good example. Using video camera module dispensing industry, the production rate is reduced to one percent two.
Of course, in addition to desktop visual automatic dispensing machine or other dispenser for dispensing can, for example: large automatic dispensing machine, but also can be carried out, a smaller version of the desktop visual automatic dispensing machine is a large automatic dispensing machine, and large-scale automatic dispensing machine is to retain all the functions used in the dispensing, dispensing more than sufficient camera module.