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During the process of assembling camera module, dispensing technology is used. If we use traditional manual dispensing in the dispensing process, we will use a large number of staff operation, which will cause partial waste of glue. In order to save labor productivity, will use manual dispensing machine to replace the traditional camera module assembly, glue dispensing can improve the quality of products on the market, but the machine type dispensing more, then suitable for dispensing machines used in the camera module of what?
A desktop visual automatic glue dispenser
General desktop visual automatic dispensing machine models are relatively small, then the screw machine takes up the space is also relatively small, and it is more convenient to place. The camera module need glue point is relatively small, so before using the desktop visual automatic dispensing machine, according to the best camera module to the dot, the use of glue properties in choosing the appropriate dispensing valve and needle dispensing, dispensing valve and needle used to avoid inappropriate influence of camera module production quality.
Two, multi axis automatic glue dispenser
There are many working units in the multi axis automatic glue dispenser, which can make the glue work at the same time, and the effect is high. The power of multi axis automatic dispensing machine is turned on, the operator can according to the camera module debugging, back pressure dispensing dispensing valve and the working table position, distance glue speed, when debugging cannot be dispensing back pressure debugging is too large, if will be easy to make the influence of back pressure adjustment effect of dispensing dispensing machine. Easily affect the camera module production.