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What kind of point gluing problem should be paid attention t

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Work on artificial glue dispensing work on voltage will be used instead of the traditional multi axis automatic dispensing machine, multi axis automatic dispensing machine is provided with a plurality of the dispensing valve for simultaneous dispensing dispensing work, high efficiency, multi axis automatic dispensing machine can draw, circle, arc, straight and irregular curve, in addition to can be used in voltage in multi axis automatic dispensing machine, but also in the toy industry, mobile phone parts, speakers, LED display etc.. Although multipoint automatic dispenser can improve the dispensing efficiency, some workers are prone to have some problems when they operate the dispensing machine. What are the dispensing problems when using multi axis dispensers?
1. The size of the glue dispenser
Before using the multi axis automatic dispensing machine, operators can touch the liquid crystal screen to adjust the dispensing quantity of dispensing machine, but in the process of debugging, it is best to adjust according to the requirements of the voltage regulator. If the glue point quantity is too small, it will affect the efficiency of the voltage generator. On the contrary, if the amount of glue dispensed is bigger, it will cause some influence on the work of the voltage regulator, thus affecting the quality of the voltage generator.
Two. Backpressure pressure
The use of multi axis automatic dispenser for dispensing, dispensing glue volume in addition to the debugging, but also need to debug the back pressure dispensing, dispensing back pressure cannot debug is too large, if the back pressure adjustment is too large, easy to glue overflow, for transformer production also cause some influence.
Three, pressure bucket seal
The pressure barrel can be stored by the glue dispensing glue to glue valve work transporting compressed air, dispensing speed, but before using the multi axis automatic dispensing machine, it is best to check before dispensing pressure bucket sealing, the sealing property is not good if the pressure barrel to replace the best use, convenient for dispensing work.