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Precision requirement of voltage dispenser for multi axis au

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When it comes to power, is commonplace, around us many appliances, but electricity is not used directly, he is still in the middle of the turning point, that is the voltage, the voltage is variable, the transformer will use multi axis automatic dispensing machine, because of the voltage point glue is essential.
The principle of voltage is to use magnet's magnetism to give some buffers to electricity. The voltage of mobile phone charger is 5V. Imagine that the alternating current of 220V will turn to the DC point of 5V, and how powerful the voltage is.
Multi axis automatic dispensing point voltage when using multiple spindle automatic dispensing machine, preferably with the complex dynamic back suction dispensing valve for dispensing operation, the electric compressor used in the production process is a magnet resistance, and with the magnet coil, must go through adhesion glue machine, common with adhesion voltage multi axis automatic dispensing machine and in the adhesion process will have glue drawing, so this time we re back to suction dispensing valve would take in.
The glue dispensing valve back suction suction, the suction method of effective organization, the problem of drawing such as glue, dispensing of magnets is of the coil to coil when the seal, seal, pay attention to the multi axis coil automatic dispensing machine after use of plastic packing paper for dispensing, don't let the glue with a magnet the adhesion, otherwise there will be a lot of damage to property.
When the voltage is not only the need of electromagnetic dispensing, adhesion for dispensing, but also need to be on top of the magnet coil in the sealing seal, at the same time, must ensure that the coil does not come into contact with the magnet coil if exposed to the magnet, then the magnet will be electric magnetic, lead to burn other accessories, so is a the test for the multi axis automatic dispensing machine.