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The function of the controller in the multi axis automatic g

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Dispensing technology began to develop at other times, because many of them needed dispensing machines. The simplest example is that the parts and controllers of the multi spindle automatic dispensing machine need to be dispensed and sealed, so that they can be encapsulated by CPU.
Desktop multi axis automatic glue dispenser
In large factories, daily production of thousands of voltage to the dispensing, dispensing of operation, for these operations, artificial could not be completed quickly and accurately, so it needs to use the machine to complete, voltage automatic dispensing machine with multi axis, so how to let him quickly work.? this requires the controller to send commands to the dispensing machine with high efficiency, high efficiency operation.
Handheld glue controller
The controller is to control the dispensing device, controller using C language to control the dispensing machine, when dispensing the adjustable x, y, Z axis of each axis of movement, no matter how precision dispensing, can accurately control the dispensing, built-in independent memory, it is the factory store various glue dispensing action. So, in the dispensing controller at the same time, this record of the machine movement, will start operation dispensing accuracy analysis of all data records, and quickly repair the dispensing error action, will not cause the wrong dispensing.
Voltage dispenser
In the dispensing process, if a sudden power outage, the controller will cache in the blackout sequence will be some code action dispensing records to the reservoir until power is restored after the controller to control the machine can continue dispensing operation, operation process in accordance with the blackout code, identification of dispensing, dispensing machine will not guarantee dispensing action start again. Dispensing machine