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Spray automatic dispenser using infrared light source

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The infrared light source using a jet dispensing automatic dispensing machine has the advantage of high speed and precise dispensing, dispensing equipment for the production of high quality can play a great help, this is the advantage of using production dispenser, dispensing dispensing requirements for infrared light source is relatively high, the use of visual injection automatic glue dispensing is more suitable for some.
The quality of current system automation equipment Co. Ltd production of visual injection automatic dispensing machine is recognized by the manufacturers, the manufacturers in the feedback data can be observed using the dispensing equipment benefits, dispensing accuracy can reach to 0.01mm, dispensing velocity 600 points per minute, the daily production of products, bad the rate of only one to two, but not a few percent, have a great relationship with the dispensing performance, poor rate of three axis automatic glue dispensing daily use of other types may reach two percent, about three, though within the expected range, but for the enterprise but also a lot of loss.
Jet automatic dispensing machine using visual positioning system dispensing, there is such a performance, each point is within the scope of dispensing expected, how could a dispensing problem, and is very good for the glue injection valve control, the combination of the two makes dispensing technology have a qualitative leap, why there is a visual injection automatic dispensing machine production that is because of the high speed and high precision dispensing function, the market basically no money dispenser can be compared.
Visual injection automatic dispensing machine used in infrared light source dispensing, is tested using a variety of dispensing, dispensing is the best injection automatic dispensing machine, dispensing equipment and other dispensing requirements are not required to use the glue dispensing, because the infrared is more special, there are three different kinds of glue to glue. Belonging to three different products, the use of the dispensing equipment need to use three kinds of dispensing machine, and the use of jet automatic dispensing machine is a sufficient.
Why does the infrared light spot glue choose the spray automatic glue dispenser to carry on the glue to have the reason.