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Longmen automatic dispensing machine to complete the example

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Crystal adhesive can choose small or large dispensing machine production, in order to reduce production costs, choose the most suitable for glue dripping, such as crystal album glue dripping, choose gantry automatic dispensing machine for production, the early input price is more expensive than the general machine, this equipment belongs to a large dispensing equipment, manufacturing costs It is higher.
Crystal album drop gel
Machinery to install accessories
Sino-made use of gantry automatic dispensing machine for crystal album glue dropping, has been a successful case, today to share, how to use automatic dispensing machine for transparent crystal glue bonding, first of all must be configured with suitable crystal glue bonding accessories, in crystal album glue dropping using transparent crystal glue, is a double-liquid glue, this So the gantry type crystal glue coating machine is equipped with double liquid dispensing valve and dispensing pressure bucket, so as to meet the requirements of glue discharge.
Longmen automatic dispensing machine
Dropping gel is unstable, affecting the quality of album.
In the crystal album glue dropping, it is better to say that transparent crystal glue filling, the need for a relatively large amount of glue to be able to fully drop the effect of glue, if the crystal glue bonding instability, it will lead to the crystal album aesthetic decline, a direct impact on the sales of crystal album, the use of gantry crystal glue coating machine is not to achieve such an effect The operation must be carried out according to the method given in the medium system, so that the bonding effect of the crystal adhesive will not decrease.
Longmen automatic dispensing machine
Before dispensing, the machine parameters are debugged.
First adjust the transparent crystal glue, then connect the dispensing pressure barrel to the gantry crystal glue coating machine, then start adjusting the parameters of the machine, slowly adjust, can not operate too quickly, easily lead to incorrect values, transparent crystal glue effect can not play out, crystal glue bonding also meet the requirements of crystal album dripping. After debugging the parameters of the machine, the product is tested for dropping glue, and the result can reach the target.