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High strength adhesive needs high precision dispensing fitti

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High-strength glue bonding to use the relative dispensing equipment, in order to achieve dispensing task, the so-called same technology is applied in the same industry, such as UV glue, on the use of UV dispensing machine, dispensing degree is sure to be better than the performance of the general equipment, glue advantages will be particularly obvious.
Epoxy resin adhesive
High strength glue type
Which glue dispenser should be used for high strength adhesive bonding? Of course, you need to know which glue to use, so that you can judge which machine to use, and recommend several high-strength glue is such as instant drying glue, special AB glue, UV glue, imported epoxy resin glue, these are relatively high-strength glue, to bond to find the corresponding dispensing machine, so as to be able to complete the dispensing task.
cyanoacrylate adhesive
瞬干胶 Effect of gluing bonding with matching equipment
As mentioned before, UV dispensing machine can give full play to the performance of 12%, the use of instant drying glue is the same, need to use peristaltic dispensing machine, otherwise easy to cause clogging, the general material is unable to meet the production needs, can only be made of Teflon rubber hose, like UV glue, Only the use of silica gel dispensing valve for storage glue, other dispensing valves can not use silica gel, this is the characteristics of high-strength adhesive bonding.
UV adhesive
The most important industry is glue quality.
UV胶 The use of high-strength adhesive is a number of requirements, so the advantages of glue coating will be obvious, which is why the production of various types of dispensing equipment is the main reason, now in the industry production is the use of glue, is able to meet the industry production standards, the use of glue also have a standard dispensing accessories, otherwise as Why glue? The use of UV dispensing machine is the best proof.