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Under which dispensing machine is the most prone to the prob

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Glue wire drawing problem is one of the common problems, because it is too easy to cause glue wire drawing, so it is listed as a common problem, what type of dispensing equipment is easy to use glue wire drawing, how to take into account the problem of eliminating wire drawing, these are the problems we have been studying in China, in fact, special needs the cooperation of customers. In order to reduce the drawing method.
Machine failure will cause wire drawing.
Improper selection of dispensing machine is the most prone to glue wire drawing problems, such as motherboard glue spraying, the use of ordinary three-axis dispensing machine for operation, easy to lead to uneven glue spraying, so easy to lead to poor quality of products, this is our custom-made equipment for each of the reasons, such as according to spraying glue and mahjong spraying requirements A gantry spray dispensing machine has been developed. The performance of the dispensing machine accords with the requirements, and the problem of glue drawing will not occur.
龙门点胶机 If the glue does not meet, it will cause drawing.
Some industries use different technology and glue, the glue used for spraying glue motherboard is grease, and mahjong uses paint, different materials use different glue valves and machine production, some can use the same dispensing valve for production, some different properties of glue, can only use more special glue valve production, will not be made The spray dispensing valve used by gantry spray dispensing machine is in line with the main board spraying glue and mahjong spraying, and then configure the visual dispensing system, there will be very little glue wire drawing, is the corresponding equipment to use the corresponding machine.
Failure of performance results in wire drawing.
不锈钢针头 The main board spraying glue and mahjong spraying paint generally do not cause glue wire drawing, this is the glue quality problem, improper use will appear drip, these are also the most common problems, with glue has the same curvature, the use of gantry spraying dispensing machine to avoid such problems, and then configure the visual dispensing system, is simply first-class The small problems of dispensing equipment and glue drawing will not occur, unless it is caused by misoperation, in fact, most of the problems caused by glue drawing are due to poor operation.