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How to use backdraft dispensing valve to ensure dispensing s

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The backdraft dispensing valve is a common type of rubber valve in dispensing industry. It can meet many dispensing requirements, such as silica gel, UV glue, epoxy glue, black glue and so on. Many common glue will use backdraft dispensing valve. How to use the dispensing valve to ensure the accuracy and stability of glue dispensing? Let Xiaobian explain to you how to use the backdraft dispensing valve.
Dual-hole dispensing controller
回吸点胶阀 Because the backdraft dispensing valve of automatic dispensing machine generally adopts double-hole dispensing controller, which is a control function without backdraft function. It can only guarantee the accuracy and dispensing effect of glue according to the backdraft function of dispensing valve. While dispensing problems can not occur, the dispensing effect should be guaranteed. This is a very test of the performance of the dispensing valve. Why do many industries use backdraft dispensing valve? That's why.
Motion inertia of backdraft dispensing valve
If you have any doubts about the use of backdraft dispensing valves, and you don't know much about the dispensing operation, you can contact us directly, because we can't do a more detailed introduction in the article, we can only briefly introduce it. If you want to go into the combination of automatic dispensing machine and backdraft dispensing valves, you are welcome to call our telephone service hotline.