When applying UV glue to products, it is better to use amber

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Uv dispensing opportunities to use UV glue, and the use of UV glue which kind of dispensing syringe will be better? This is the need to choose according to the characteristics of UV glue, which has greater benefits for the use of UV glue. If you do not understand the requirements for the use of UV glue, we can tell you why to choose amber dispensing syringe?
Why do you use amber dispensing syringes?
Let me give you an example. Ultraviolet dispensing machine is used to seal the base of the kettle. Ultraviolet glue will be used. This industry does not require high dispensing accuracy, but there are not many dispensing volumes. The use of dispensing syringe can meet the demand, but the dispensing syringe can not produce light, because the UV glue meets the light meeting. Solidification, so we can not use transparent dispensing syringe, but choose amber syringe, not only can see the use of glue, but also can prevent glue solidification, very useful.
Dispenser type
Many automatic dispensing machines will use a dispensing syringe, UV dispensing machine is also a type of automatic dispensing machine, the use of seals at the base of the kettle will have better results, this is a dispensing equipment to meet the needs, but also for our industry to create corresponding accessories, so UV dispensing opportunities It has better effect.
四轴点胶机 In the automatic dispensing machine, that is the UV dispensing machine, the performance-price ratio is the highest, that is, according to the price and usability, as long as the dispensing syringe is well matched, it can meet the needs of production, we are in accordance with your requirements to build the lowest price machine for you, nor will we. Because you are not familiar with this industry and pit your money, we have sample production, so we are not afraid to be unable to meet the sealing requirements of the kettle base and glue use requirements.