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Coating machine is mainly used in electronic line spraying, to protect the circuit board, it will be sprayed with a layer of three anti-paint, which will be baked to ensure rapid curing, the machine can automatically complete the desired spraying effect. .

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Resin glue filling machine is a glue filling machine, different from what you think of as glue filling equipment. Without X, Y, Z axes, it uses a fixing device to fix the double liquid dispensing valve, which can be used for glue mixing, and then for prod.

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Generally speaking, there is a high demand for the spot painting process, and the demand is also quite large. Using the ordinary painting technology every day has high cost, long time consumption and relatively high expenditure cost, which does not me...

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Dispensing automation production line is what every manufacturer wants to do at present. However, due to the high level of technology, it is difficult for manufacturers without engineering team to complete this arduous task. At present, the automatic prod.

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Introduction: automatic dispenser is a dispensing equipment with the specification of 690mm * 580mm * 600mm. The dispensing axis is formed by three axes, and four and five axes can be added. This is a standard machine and equipment, which is generally use.

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In fact, there are many machine manufacturers in the market, some are specialized in precision and some are specialized in making standard machines. Each manufacturer has its own core technology. A manufacturer can not complete all the technology. The dis.

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Screw gluing is no longer an ordinary news. After gluing, the tightening effect can be enhanced. Generally, the screw is fixed only by the thread. After a long period of time, it is easy to loosen, which will inevitably cause bad. For screw gluing, it is .

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Introduction: the floor type glue pouring machine is a large-scale glue pouring machine produced in China. It has excellent glue filling ability, technology of mixing high proportion glue, mature glue pouring system, which can solve the requirements of gl.

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The use of 401 instant adhesive dispensing, using a professional equipment, is a guarantee for the quality. The characteristics of instant drying adhesive are rapid solidification and wide range of bonding. Only with targeted equipment can we use instant .

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Introduction: automatic platform type gluing machine is a single position gluing machine, dispensing stroke: 300 mm * 300 mm * 100 mm, minimum line width: 0.1 mm, minimum glue output 0.01 ml, repeated dispensing accuracy: 0.02%, moving speed: 500 mm / s. .