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Anaerobic glue dispenser is an automatic machine specially used for anaerobic glue and screw glue. With special glue dispensing valve, it can solve the particularity of glue. In general, screw glue and anaerobic glue can not be used for glue dispensin...

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There are many manufacturers of dispensing machines in Dongguan City. There is a professional manufacturer of automatic dispensing equipment in Dalang Town, with the office as the base. The actual production machine base is in Tangxia. In fact, the scope .

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Looking for the manufacturer of Huangjiang dispensing machine? I recommend a dispensing machine manufacturer to you, which is called China manufacturing automation equipment manufacturer. It specializes in dispensing machine, glue applicator, glue filling.

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The full-automatic dispensing machine produced by double Y-axis guide rail design mode adopts multi station production technology, realizes double product dispensing by using the difference in working time. A double axis system is installed inside the mac.

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The full-automatic three-axis conductive glue applicator is a targeted equipment, which mainly uses conductive glue. There are two types of conductive glue on the market, one component and two component. Bulk glue is generally packaged in barrels, while t.

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Desktop dispensing machine is a standard dispensing equipment, which uses the traditional three-axis working platform to realize the three-dimensional space dispensing function. Whether the product is flat is not high, uneven products can still achieve di.

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Although desktop type and floor type glue filling machine can be called the same type of glue filling equipment, there are great differences in structure, volume, glue output, performance and application. Let Xiaobian tell you about the differences in str.

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At present, a large number of manufacturers are using dispensing machine for dispensing on the production line, but some larger manufacturers will find that even if the efficiency of using dispensing machine for spot production is not enough, then a more .

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Now many manufacturers have begun to use the dispenser, so do you know the dispenser? Next, Id like to introduce our three-axis dispensing machine. As the name implies, the three-axis dispenser is a dispenser with three axes. This machine still has a doub.

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Non-contact high-speed jet dispensing machine is a very high-end dispensing equipment, using imported jet dispensing valve as control device, no longer using traditional glue coating technology, but a non-contact way, dispensing accuracy is particularly h.