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How do you know about multi-axis? Normally, it is equipped with a dispensing valve on the machine, and the multi-axis is equipped with more than two dispensing valves, so it is called multi-axis automatic glue coating machine. The multi-axis machine can b.

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5331 refers to the dispensing distance and specifications of the automatic dispensing machine, the X-axis moving range is 500 mm, the Y-axis moving range is 300 mm, the Z-axis moving range is 100 mm, and the duplex position refers to two working platforms.

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The common thermal conductive gel in the market is a kind of super-high viscosity thermal conductive material. When the thermal conductive powder and silica gel are completely mixed, the parametric chemical reaction will occur, the gel will solidify after.

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Silver paste gluing machine is mainly used for silver paste gluing or dispensing, using high-end configuration - Germany imported silver paste spraying valve and high-precision visual system collocation and silver paste gluing equipment. Mainly equipped w.

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Thread injection machine belongs to one of the types of automatic dispensing machine equipment. Every medium-sized injection machine has the corresponding function of injecting glue, and the machine equipment is also a clear way of distribution. This prod.

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1. Place the double-liquid dispensing valve filled with glue in the bracket of the glue applicator and fix it. For example, when the two-component glue is installed, the outlets A and B of the pressure drum are respectively connected with A and B glue. Th.

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Precision jet dispensing machine is a kind of glue filling machine, which is used to uniformly coat liquids, such as fluids or paints, with air pressure on leather, textiles, paper, etc. It has the characteristics of dust-proof, moisture-proof, sealing an.

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In many products glued by automated dispensing equipment, there are usually some planes that need to be glued at the same time. Previous dispensing technology The application is flat single-point dispensing, which requires multiple clamps, more A-glue app.

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Guide: Small hot melt glue dispenser is refitted from automatic dispensing machine. It uses hot melt glue dispensing valve and constant temperature and pressure control device as main accessories. It can heat hot melt glue and dispensing glue. It has made.

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Automatic three-axis dispensing machine is the classical standard equipment in dispensing equipment industry. Many types of machines are modified on the basis of three-axis dispensing machine. Because three-axis dispensing technology can realize three-dim.