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Coil dispensing machine belongs to a simple type dispensing machine. It is mainly composed of basic circuit control system, handle controller, constant control system, silicone dispensing valve, dispensing controller and three-axis frame. It can realize m.

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Three-axis precise dispensing machine is a conventional type of automatic dispensing equipment, the desktop is basically manufactured in accordance with the size, such as 331 automatic dispensing machine is manufactured according to the standard size, and.

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Desktop dispensing machine also has equipment with visual system, which can reduce the cost of visual precision dispensing machine to the lowest. The production of this spray dispensing machine can reduce the production cost without affecting the dispensi.

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Guide: Hot melt adhesive is a very popular glue, many industries need to use it, because it is a non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, good viscosity, waterproof glue, functional, although the need for special dispensing process, but also can not.

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Guide: Waterborne glue is a kind of macromolecule glue, which has the function of environmental protection. It has replaced the glue that pollutes the environment. With this kind of water-borne glue, we can use the automatic floor-type water-borne spray g.

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As a high-precision dispensing equipment, automatic spraying machine belongs to half of the high-end machines. The dispensing effect will be better when it is used in small parts production. Some products do not meet the requirements of using large visual.

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The double-head sprayer combined with these two dispensing valves, also known as the double X/Y axis automatic dispensing machine, can dispensing at the same time, equivalent to the original dispensing speed, double the acceleration, can faster complete t.

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The use of hot melt glue requires a dispensing machine that meets the need for glue. This is a special type of glue. Generally, the glue is fluidity. The hot melt glue is packed with particles or sticks. It can not be dispensing directly with dispensing m.

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There are two kinds of piston dispensing syringes, one is American dispensing syringe and the other is Japanese dispensing syringe. Subdividing them into amber dispensing syringe, green dispensing syringe, black dispensing syringe and transparent dispensi.

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441 dispensing machine is a conventional dispensing equipment, or a standard automatic dispensing machine. The length of X/Y/Z is fixed at 400*400*100, etc. It can realize mass production. It is called a standard machine. We also often use 441 dispensing .