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Small threaded pneumatic dispenser is suitable for threaded glue. Thread glue is also known as anaerobic glue, mechanical glue, because it does not solidify in contact with oxygen, but it solidifies rapidly without contact with oxygen. Anaerobic means tha.

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Hot melt glue is a special glue. There will be special requirements for the use of dispensing valves, so dispensing equipment will be different. For example, hot melt glue sprayer, special glue needs to be used. Although it is a jet valve, heating device .

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What is the understanding of hot melt adhesive? It is necessary to heat before use, so as to melt into glue, then dispensing, and the use of high-speed hot-melt dispensing machine has such effect, mainly because the heating device attached to the machine,.

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On-line high-speed spraying machine is the peak masterpiece of medium-sized production technology. This equipment can connect the production line to realize the full automation production of the manufacturer. From parts to finished products, it can produc.

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Desktop spray dispensing machine is a simplified version of the visual spray dispensing machine. It demolishes the visual inspection system and some accessories that have little impact and becomes a desktop dispensing machine. Although the performance has.

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The dispensing machine which can realize spray dispensing technology is the top equipment in China. At present, the most advanced dispensing technology is spray technology. How can the effect of spray dispensing machine reach the current industry producti.

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AB glue is a common two-component glue, used in the production process of product dispensing, will use a special type of AB glue spray dispensing machine to complete the dispensing work, due to the special nature of ab glue, in this spray dispensing machi.

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Large intelligent jet automatic dispensing machine is a new equipment with dispensing technology is high, each dispensing speed can reach 800 / min, with the speed of high speed dispensing, dispensing machines are not any such technology, with the technol.

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Chip encapsulation is an important step in the production process. The shell is firmly adhered through the dispensing technology, so that the chip has better working effect, and has the function of dustproof and moistureproof, and it can withstand certain.

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The traditional way of dispensing is mainly based on artificial dispensing. With the continuous birth of automatic dispensing equipment, the way of artificial dispensing is gradually replaced by automatic dispensing equipment based on automatic dispensing.