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Jet dispensing machine is also called non-contact jet dispensing machine, glue machine glue effect have more advantages than the traditional contact methods, the glue area wider and more comprehensive, and can be adjusted according to the actual needs of .

The camera module dispensing machine is a very high-end device, which has a great relationship with the dispensing accessories. It is also because these accessories only achieve "camera dispensing machine". There are many different dispensing equipment in.

Full automatic jet dispensing machine using means of dispensing accessories, paint and glue, for example: jewelry hairpin is the need for color, bracelet can glue and so on, these things are all can use jet automatic dispensing machine, production speed i.

Spray dispensing valve is one of the most precise dispensing valves in dispensing industry. The imported type of spray dispensing valve is more expensive than the general dispensing equipment. The so-called one penny for one lot. The precision of using th.

Dispensing technology is an important technology in manufacturing industry is essential, through the dispensing can effectively improve the quality and value of semi-finished products, whether it is used in bonding or packaging work has to be applied to t.

The fixture is often used in the market of gluing equipment. At present, the automatic gluing machine that does not need fixture is only the visual gluing equipment, which can automatically identify the product gluing position and solve the gluing acc...

Choose the right accessories, first of all, we must know which type of dispensing machine for the needs of accessories, such as AB dispensing drum does not meet the use of spray dispensing machine, must choose, which can not complete dispensing task, this.

Barrel heating device refers to the automatic heating of pressure barrel. Some glues can be filled only after being heated, such as hot melt glue and red glue, and some glues have high viscosity. After heating, the fluidity of glue can be improved and the.

In the dispensing industry, we are increasingly demanding for dispensing machine accessories, like dispensing syringes, we are also demanding higher and higher for its workmanship. In recent years, the American dispensing syringe is very hot, and it is al.

Precision automatic dispensing machine parts with a long time, not infected with a thick smear is blocked, these are mechanical problems, will affect the function of precision dispensing automatic dispensing machine, the problem, effect of dispensing ...