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Piston pressure barrel is a common accessory in dispensing industry. It is suitable for high viscosity glue. Because there is a piston, it can provide more pressure, and it can transfer high viscosity glue from the inside of the pressure barrel to the dis.

Visual dispensing equipment needs certain basic programming ability to complete the operation of the control system. It runs well and has relatively good performance. It runs steadily in the process of high-speed automatic dispensing of products and dispe.

In life, many products are used to coat machine, and towel is one of them, which will be coated with a layer of glue, and also with hot melt glue. In life, it will also be produced. Of course, the manufacturer will purchase the coater only. Recently, our .

Silica gel sleeve is a designated type of dispensing accessory. There is a kind of supporting silica gel with a capacity of 330ml. It can be extruded by hand alone, which is time-consuming and laborious. It will also cause glue waste. Our company produces.

High flow silicone gel dispensing valve is a valve which can be used with automatic dispensing machine to use high viscous glue, and has a large flow rate. Its overall structure changes, and has the effect of large flow rate gelling. It can effectively im.