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There are many types of dispensing valves. According to the gradient of glue viscosity, there are not many types. Because of the difference between the industrial requirements and glue types, the types of dispensing valves are decided. In order to meet th.

Silica gel dispensing valve, as a valve specially used for silica gel coating, can cooperate with various types of coating equipment to achieve dispensing task. Whether small-scale or large-scale coating equipment, it can install silica gel dispensing val.

Hot melt adhesives need to be heated before dispensing. Everyone who knows a little about glue knows that hot melt adhesives are produced as solids, and can not dispensing without heating. In order to meet this requirement, a temperature heating device is.

Guide: Hot melt dispensing valve is a very special type of dispensing valve. It can only use one kind of glue, which is hot melt glue, other glue will not use this dispensing valve. Although only one kind of hot melt glue can be used, it is very popular i.

Piston pressure barrel is more complex than ordinary pressure barrel. Installing piston in inner barrel and changing the way of glue release, the general pressure barrel is glue release on the head, while the piston pressure barrel is glue release on the .

Paint spraying technology generally can not meet the demand of dispensing valves, using spraying method to produce, rather than dispensing method, and paint viscosity is low, need good sealing products to prevent leakage, the use of imported spraying valv.

Single-liquid dispensing valve is one of the popular ones in the dispensing market. Whether it can meet the dispensing requirements depends not only on the performance of dispensing machine, but also on the dispensing valve. The single-liquid dispensing v.

The only dispensing valve needed to use hot melt glue is hot melt glue spray valve, which can heat glue. Because the characteristics of hot melt glue are not type bulk glue, and particles or sticks, it needs heating to dispense glue. Automatic dispensing .

Among imported dispensing valves, jet dispensing valve is a popular one, with high precision and fast dispensing function. The technology of spraying dispensing is particularly outstanding. Many manufacturers need to use single liquid spraying dispensing .

Japanese dispensing syringe is a commonly used accessory in dispensing industry. Whether it is an automatic dispensing machine or a manual dispensing machine, it is essential to use Japanese dispensing syringe as a dispensing accessory. Even jet dispensin.