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3131 dispensing valve is one of the most commonly used dispensing valves in the market. Because of its dispensing characteristics and cost, it has become one of its popular dispensing valves. This dispensing valve can be used in manual dispensing machine .

Guide: Piezoelectric dispensing valve is a new type of dispensing valve. It is also a special type of dispensing valve used by the new jet dispensing machine. Different from the previous dispensing valve driving mode, piezoelectric dispensing valve uses v.

Pouring valves only meet the requirements of two-component dispensing machines, or customized dispensing valves for two-liquid dispensing machines. They can use double-liquid glue, which will be used in many industries. However, they need to be customized.

Guidance: Fully automatic spray valve no longer uses traditional dispensing valve, no longer needs dispensing needle as the valve of control precision, has automatic control precision, guarantees dispensing stability, and dispensing speed is very fast, at.

Guidance: Spraying dispensing valve is a new dispensing valve. It is different from the previous dispensing method. It is called jet dispensing or non-contact dispensing. It also changes the automatic dispensing machine into jet dispensing machine. The pe.

Pneumatic double-liquid dispensing valve can use A-glue and B-glue, the proportion of which can be used is 1:1, 1:2, etc. The application industry can meet the demand, the minimum line width is 1 mm, the amount of glue can be adjusted according to the dem.

Small dispensing valves belong to the small flow dispensing valves series, meaning that they can meet the dispensing requirements of some products with high accuracy, such as dispensing medical equipment, which can meet the demand, and the price of small .

Square dispensing valve is also known as thimble dispensing valve, dispensing accuracy is high, can reach 0.01mm, with fine-tuning dispensing function, selection will have better effect, many dispensing industry can use this dispensing valve, such as liqu.

Recently, jet dispensing machine seems to be magic, customers have designated to jet visual dispensing machine, that is, with CCD vision system and jet valve, to form a high-precision, high-speed dispensing equipment. As the name implies, the main configu.

Technology of battery compartment need relatively low, nor what the requirements for accuracy, using multi axis dispensing machine just in order to improve the speed of production, battery compartment is mainly to prevent the box was opened, the glue ...